A couple people have asked me for this, so here’s a list of all the RSS/Atom feeds I follow. It’s autogenerated from Feedly, with some manual removal of dead things. If you want to import the whole assembly into your RSS reader (which I don’t recommend), you can grab the list in OMPL format.

Note: I don’t read all of these consistently. I read all of “Comics”, and make an effort to read most of “Blogs”, and beyond that it’s just whatever headline happens to interest me.


Because who can start their day without some webcomics?

Science and Technology

And vaguely related things that have too high a volume to put in the “blogs” folder.


News and current events.


Miscellany of interest that’s more general than the other categories.


I don’t read these regularly, but sometimes if I’m looking for ideas I do.

News Firehose

I never read remotely close to all of this, it’s just a giant dump of something like 500 articles a day that I occasionally glance at.


A very motley assortment. I usually make an effort to read all of these, although I don’t succeed.


Things I don’t read regularly, but keep around just in case.