Below is a partial list of the (public) software projects I’ve worked on. Github probably has a better memory than I do, though.


Slicker is a project I wrote for work to reorganize Python code. You can read my blog post about it for more.


Emojiwatch is a Slack bot to notify you whenever someone adds a custom emoji.

ESP Website

I started contributing to the website of the MIT Educational Studies Program in college, and I’ve kept poking at it since. It’s open-source and used by chapters of Learning Unlimited across the country. It’s a complicated and terrifying mess, but it’s also really useful (and getting less terrifying every day!).


Going to MIT, one ends up with a lot of friends who don’t sleep enough. It also happens that many of my friends are often a bit competitive about silly things. So some friends and I made a website to track your sleep and compare it to your friends’. It looks like it was written in 2005, but you could fix that.

Venmo Security

For our group project for 6.857, Eric Mannes, Jordan Moldow, and I tried to reverse-engineer Venmo, a social payments app. We found some interesting security holes (which we sent to Venmo and they fixed).


A page using Sunlight Foundation API data to show cosponsorships in Congress. Now defunct as the API has been removed.